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The RUID system (Really Unique Identifier) is a powerful tool which as been developed in order to provide ability to compare biological data from different platefroms, technologies and different species.

To each probe of each platform is given a different RUID, strictly following the " O.G.T.S. " specification (from the most generic to the most specific concept)

OrthologID . GeneID . TranscriptID . SequenceID

When comparing hetergenous data, the level at which RUIDs are used to dynamically determined. In this way the optimal achievable (given the structure of the data) comparison level is insured at any moment in the analysis. RUIDs, unlike classical "Unique IDs" also automatically evolve withnew empirical knowledge. That is to say, that a new technology / platform / species will create a new subspace of RUIDs that are directly comparable with existing ones.